The purpose of the Salsamixes site back in 2006 was to showcase amazing finds in the latin music genre, more specifically deep diving in to Salsa and its sub-genres across the globe.


The site was founded by Dj Duste. An assortment of remixes were featured on the original site, allowing visitors to download them directly at no charge. This made the site popular and attractive place to find super cool tunes that were, lets say not so commercially sourced.


The new revamp of the site hopes to be another source representing salsa, showcasing the music and all the creativity it brings.


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Dj Duste latin vinyl DJ, collector, audio engineer, producer, compiler, re-mixer, musician and founder-director of began spinning vinyl records in 1996.


Today Duste specializes in Latin music and is always on the prowl for Afro-Cuban sounds in all colours and assortments, hunting them under any rock and crevice globally.


DJ Duste is one of the few who still prefers to DJ using vinyl records. His site has been posting and presenting vinyl records which continues to have a strong influence to many new and upcoming Djs and enthusiasts who have also taken on the passion for Latin vinyl & mixes.

Duste was responsible for releasing the compilation “Que Viva La Salsa Dura” which included his famous mixes of Menique’s “Manigua”, Puente’s “Hong Kong Mambo” & Charles Fox’s “Blue Mambo” to name a few. He has also recently released his first original composition titled “Reunion” which was released on ITUNES in 2012.


Duste aims to play tunes that are dance floor friendly however at the same time perhaps not known to the commercial salsa listener. Usually his aim is to also educate the audience in an evening taking them on a journey through his voodoo selections.


In 2013 Duste asked a few of his fellow colleagues if they could contribute vinyl mixes from their collections in hope to educate the world about all this amazing music out there.


Thousands of listeners got on board including the Djs and collectors who have and are contributing to continue to help the mission of promoting Latin music on vinyl records.


If you have the opportunity to catch Duste spin one day make sure to drop by the DJ box and say hello as he loves to share the knowledge and promote Latin music to others alike.